My name is Christina Lynn Gaspar. I am a woman, I am a risk taker, I am a dancer. I started dance at a very young age, but I have been an artist my entire life. To me, art is everywhere; it is a love, it is a lifestyle, it is a passion. I see art ranging from bold remarkable movement to life’s hidden and sometimes unnoticed treasures. As I have trained and studied through dance, I have found it my job to find ways to incorporate art into all that I do, and to help bring the awareness of the beauty around us to others.

When I work through dance, I am reminded that I am alive. There is so much capability and facility in our surroundings that deserve appreciation. When I dance and perform I enjoy pushing the limits of pedestrian action and expected human limitation. It would be disappointing to not explore each of those facets through movement. Whether it be performing or choreographing it is important for me to find ways to challenge myself. I strive for success through fulfillment, not perfection.

When I dance I am overcome with joy, courage, pride, and humility in which I cannot imagine a day in my life without it. I hope that each person on earth finds that calling for them, regardless of what that would be. Through my exploration of dance and artistic journey I hope that when people see my work, they discover me.